Wednesday, October 10, 2012

100k Gold in 10 Days of MoP!

So I have been busy in game and neglecting my followers for the blog, sorry.  Have no fear, I am posting again!  There is so much to cover that I find it difficult to sit down and write a post just because I don't even know where to start.  Overall, I have today that I truly love MoP over every other expansion which is far from what I thought of it when it was announced.  Blizzard has done a great job at developing content and lore that is unique and interesting.  So kudos!

On to the gold!

My first few days in game were spent leveling and learning all the new mini games with the game.  I didn't even start "farming" until day 4 and I found myself making 2k gold a day...pathetic.  So by day 6 of the expansion I decided to focus my efforts on gold again and after just 10 days I accrued over 100k in profits.

Stay tuned for some of the ways to make gold in MoP as I will post each day.  What you can expect:

The Ghost Iron Shuffle is awesome, awesome, awesome.  I will post about this tomorrow so stay tuned as I will share the ins and outs as well as what my actual profits were in this easy method.

Enchanting is making me about 7k gold per day and is simply better than expected based on the materials prices.

PVP gear is off to a huge start, selling about 10K gold per day.

Flipping materials has been a bit tougher due to several factors this expansion; the Cross Realm Zoning and the fast node spawning for ores and herbs.  I also see more people farming mats than ever before, possibly because it is so easy right now and the demand is high.  With that said, I am seeing an easy 5k profit per day here for 5 minutes work.

Cooking supplies that farm grown have been a huge gold maker.  I flip these mats each day and have seen profits of about 5k.

There is much more but stay tuned as we explores each of these methods in the following days

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