Thursday, October 11, 2012

Major Gold with Ghost Iron Ore

Those that did the Ore Shuffle in Cata will know this routine well, but if you did not do it or did not about it then you must read on...

There are many ways to make tons of gold in WoW, but the Ore Shuffle is one of my favorite and has HUGE payoff potentials.  As with anything I post here, research your server before diving in too deep!  So what is the shuffle?

On my server, Ghost Iron Ore is going for an average of 6g each or about 120g per stack.  I like to buy it whenever it falls below 5g ea or 100g a stack but the shuffle works fine even at 150g per stack. The following results are based on 100 stacks of Ghost Iron Ore and are my actual numbers:

Ghost Iron Ore Stacks to Prospect: 100 Price Per Stack: 150

Profit: 22,722

Profit % 151%

Results of Prospecting
Material Type % Qty Price Value
Sparkling Shard Makes Serpent's Eye 119% 474 9        4,266
Pandarian Garnet Red Gem 23% 93 10           930
Alexandrite Green Gem 23% 93 3           279
Lapis Lazuli Blue Gem 28% 110 3           330
Roguestone Purple Gem 27% 106 5           530
Sunstone Yellow Gem 24% 94 3           282
Tiger Opal Orange Gem 27% 106 5           530
Primordial Ruby Red Gem 4% 16 225        8,000
River's Heart Blue Gem 5% 21 150        3,150
Sun's Radiance Yellow Gem 5% 18 185        4,950
Vermilion Onyx Orange Gem 4% 17 225        3,825
Wild Jade Green Gem 4% 15 300        2,250
Imperial Amethyst Purple Gem 5% 21 225        8,400

My outlay of about 15,000 gold returned all 15k gold PLUS a profit of $22,722!!!

These numbers are only the HALF of it though.  You could stop here and walk away with a tidy profit, or you can take it even further with your Jewelcrafter and Enchanter.  Instead of selling the uncommon quality gems, use them by making rings or necklaces.  These are iLvl 384 and worthless.  Send them to the Enchanter and disenchant them into enchanting materials.  From here, you can either sell the materials for profit OR make enchants and sell those in the AH.

When you make the rings/necklaces, you will get a proc for a rare item instead of the uncommon item.  These will sell in the AH and can net you about 500 gold each.

By crafting these and selling the rare quality rings/necklaces (rings seem to sell faster but necklaces go for more) I was able to net about 5k gold instead of the 1k for selling them.  Then by disenchanting the uncommon rings I was able to generate another 5k in enchant sales!  So 1k in materials returned me another 10k total!  

Next step, craft the iLvl 450 rings and necklaces which mostly use the rare gems.  These can double your profits, but patience will be key as there are a lot of competitors in this market.  Using half of the rare gems, I was able to earn another 30k.

Bottom line:  I invested 15k and was able to turn this into 62k.  Not bad eh?


  1. The gem prices on your server are INSANE half the rare gems on my server run at 70g or under. I do believe that the shuffle still has a chance but only when done all the with JC and Enchanting on my server at least. I like your site and will read the rest of these posts on MOP.

    You can find my site on it is not only limited to WoW but I do love doing gold related posts every now and then.

  2. How are the Ghost Iron Ore prices? Our server has always been somewhat middle ground on prices. If you check out The Undermine Journal and check on prices of across all servers it is amazing to see what others pay. WHat I find on sevres where prices are so much lower is that volume is higher, so the profit % may be less but you sell twice or three times as much volume. Hope that is the case for you!