Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stockpiling for MoP Part 6

We are almost at expansion day!  There is now so much to do in so little time, but we can still make some smart buys before it is too late.  Today I am looking at Cooking.  All of the new monks and Pandas will probably start to level up cooking at some point, either because they want the food buffs for raiding or they just want to level it because they can.  Either way, I see gold in our cooking future!

Once again, I go to one of my favorite sites, wow-professions.com and check out the mats needed to level from 1-525 and then start buying the materials while they are cheap.  This is another area where I see a huge potential.  I find that a lot of people will sell off their materials to a vendor because they do not want to store them, do not want to list them in the AH and/or do not want to level cooking so they just get rid of them cheap in the Auction House.

50 Clam Meat

50 Crawler Meat

50 Raptor Egg

50 Raptor Flesh

40 Bear Flank

40 Zesty Clam Meat

30 Buzzard Meat

35 Talbuk Venison

35 Clefthoof Meat

35 Warped Flesh

80 Rhino Meat

150 Shoveltusk Flank

190 Chilled Meat

70 Worm Meat

75 Bonescale Snapper

45 Highland Guppy


Mind you, this is not a complete list of items needed to level.  These are the mats I believe will be in demand and could return you some great gold.  I would be careful about investing too much in this though…Remember, in November everyone can level their cooking using the Holiday to purchase everything they need to level from vendors!


I still think this is a safe bet, but I would not go huge.

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