Wednesday, July 25, 2012

MoP Release Date!

You may have noticed that I have been absent, mostly real life keeping me busy and some WoW doldrums keeping me away. I have been doing the raid thing and that's about it. Then I see an article over on WoW Insider that MoP will be released on September 25th! Holy cow do I have a lot to do until then!

One of the best times to make gold, and I mean a lot of gold, is to flip mats that people are stocking up for MoP. Yes, you need to stockpile for MoP as well, but you need to be smart and watch the market fluctuations and supply. I am willing to bet you will see some mats suddenly dry up and prices sky rocket just because of this announced release date. So if you needed to stock up it's too late right? Nope.

Make a list of what you think will be in demand in MoP and watch the markets closely. Buy on lows and buy it all if you can. Then take 50% of your newly purchased goodies and relist at much higher prices. You would be surprised how many people will stock up on these mats even at the higher prices! I call this "Free Stockpiling". The concept is simple. Buy it as cheap as you can, stockpile half and relist half for at least double the price you paid. Stay in this market and keep buying and resisting, you will sell the stock and when you do you will have earned back all the gold you spent on your stockpile! That means your stock starts out at zero cost so anything you sell it for is profit!!!

Be patient, I say this a lot because to make serious gold you must have nerves of steel and be patient for the rewards sometimes, and stick out the market. It will be a wild ride for the next 3 months!