Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Crafting PVP Gear Profits

New expansion has brought us new PVP gear and more profits!  So far in MoP, the demand for PVP gear has been all over the map.  In the first week of MoP I was selling about 12 pieces a day easy and for huge amounts of gold.  My average sale was 1500 for plate gear at a crafting cost of less than 150 gold!  I love those returns, of course they did not last for long but even now I see sales for about 500g on a cost basis of only 75 gold, so still great returns.

I did notice that folks are buying the gear to round out their PVE set so they can queue into LFR, so there are some decent sales right now.  I am averaging about 8 sales a day in just plate gear.  Cloth is my next venture as I usually do very well in cloth PVP sales but I need to get my Mage to 90 or at least get him some SoH to buy recipes.  Anyways, take a look at your server and see what pieces of gear make sense to sell, look for those pieces not listed or under supplied to the market and price accordingly.  Don't be afraid to mark it up high if no one else is selling it, but be prepared for competition as people find ways to spend their Spirit of Harmonies.

I would list these gear pieces for a 24 hour period so that you are ensuring that you look at the market and relist at the right price.  I can't tell you how many times I have found my competitors listing for 1 gold less than me, which is fine, but I want those sales.  Now if they are morons and sell it way to cheap, then wait them out and see if hey keep listing.  I find these types of sellers are just passing through the market, especially on weekends.  You could buy them out if they are cheap enough, but make sure you look to see if they are online first so they do not simply make more and list them at their dumb prices again.

PVP gems are not selling high enough as compared to the raw gems, but maybe it indifferent on your server so check it out!

As always, have a great time and farm that AH for profits!

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