Monday, October 29, 2012

Gold in Darkmoon Cards

Each expansion has brought us Darkmoon Cards that are crafted by Inscriptionists which are then turned into Decks of Cards that become trinkets and have a ton of gold making potential.  This expansion is a little different though, in that Blizzard has limited our production of cards by using a Scroll of Wisdom for each card which has a 1 day cool down.  This has impacted the gold making potential from previous expansions severely.  I remember seeing a post on a blog where someone had made 1 million gold from these cards within 90 days of launch.  Well those days may be gone but there is a good market for potential profit if you are smart.

We know that the DMF hits every 30 days so that means that a scribe could make no more than 30 cards before the next fair.  There are 4 decks of cards that take 8 cards each which means you need 32 cards to complete all 4 decks.  Remember that these are random so this makes for interesting scribing!  

The obvious way to make gold is to mill Pandaren Herbs and craft them each day you make a Scroll of Wisdom.  But this gives us limited profits.  Right now most cards are selling for an average of 2,500 gold per card (Oxen cards sell for about 1,500 all others are averaging 3k).  I am able to find herbs for under 3g each or 60 gold per stack.  It takes about 7-8 stacks of herbs to get enough ink to create one card, using the ink vendor to trade inks up.  That means my cost per card is about 480 gold per card.  

Should you get lucky and get all 8 cards then you can create your deck which sells for much more than the cost of each card individually.  Right now, on my server, the decks are going for 40-50k per deck of cards, but the cards are going for less than 3 k each.  And this is how there is even more gold to be made.

I look for cards that get below 2,500 each and then buy them to fill the holes or just stock up for future decks.  Many of these I buy at only 2k so my average cost per deck is about 20k tops, most of them I can build them for less.  But the market is selling these for over 40k which means a nice double of my investment!

That tough part of this market is the price fluctuations, timing and supply.  If you are willing to buy up the low cost cards to build your decks then the supply usually does not back fill very quickly because of the cool down to make them.  A crafter cannot just buy several hundred stacks of herbs and make dozens of cards like the used to do, so this is causing the market to go up and down wildly.
Be patient and watch for the right time to buy and sell these cards, craft your decks and turn them in for the trinkets!  The trinkets (they can only get these after turning the decks in at the DMF) go for even more than the decks…so investing 20k can get you back 30k profit easy!
Good luck and happy hunting!

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